Astrology and Vastushastra

The integrated man-spirit-cosmos view is the backbone Indian philosophy and outlook towards life in general. The Vedic Hindu cosmic view is reflected in the concepts of ‘purush’ (cosmic element) and ‘prakriti’ (nature) and the belief that cosmic energetic sources are the procreators of all the manifest world.<br /><br />Vastushastra goes deep into these concepts. It understands the significance of the planets and stars in terms of cosmic energy fields, cosmic forces, and resultant micro effects on human life and the nature.<br /><br />Astrological inferences are based on the relative and combined force-fields of planets acting on individual consciousness. Vastushastra analysis is based on directional correlation with electromagnetic and gravitational force fields of terrestrial and cosmic origin. Human consciousness has a direct relationship with the house occupied by an individual. On the basis of logical fibre of Astrology and Vastushastra, the affinity of the house and the dweller can be used for predicting the eventualities for the house and the person.<br /><br />Nature is a continuum in which we cannot separate out human body from the cosmic body. Individuals and planets have a mysterious link, which is utilised by Astrology to read human fortunes.<br /><br />Astrology, apart from its prediction making utility, can be used to indicate the type of dwelling a person may occupy. On the other hand, Vastushastra analysis can be applied successfully to assess the good and bad situations the owner of a particular Vastu may encounter in life.