Helix and Energy Flow in Vastushastra


refers the ‘Nabhi’ (navel) as a ‘kanda’ (bulbous root) and

considers it to be the source point of all the ‘nadis’ (channels

of energy). The manifestation of energy through the ‘nadis’ is

akin to growth of spiralling helix with multiple openings. The

yogis visualise the Kundalini as a spiralling helix with the

vertebrae of the spinal column along which the Kundalini is said

to move while passing through the six ‘chakras’, imitate a

helical form. The Hindu religious symbol ¬ (Omkar, pronounced as

“Aum”) is an amalgamation of three helices, while the

Chinese ‘Yin-Yang’ symbol represents a helix with twin openings.


flow of energy in the terrestrial atmosphere is influenced by the

sun’s daily sojourn in the sky, west to east rotation of the

earth relative to the sun and the earth’s magnetic field.

Gravitational waves (yet to be detected in terrestrial

laboratories) may also affect the dynamics of energy flow. Helix

, a naturally evolved shape, embodies the path of least

resistance and balanced interaction encompassing the energy

currents of terrestrial, solar and cosmic origin. It is not

surprising that the helical form is evident throughout the

universe, right from microscopic virus to the giant milkyway. As

a protective shield, every living organism shows marked

preference for the helical shape.


really is interesting to observe how a Vastu (dwelling) attains a

stable helical form just by applying principles of Vastushastra

at the planning stage. Planning of proportionate dimensions of a

house based on the Golden Ratio (1:1.618) and using the same

fraction for marking the boundaries of the selected plot leads to

the formation of a helix with the final microscopic centre of the

helix located in the Northeast zone, as also positioning of the

macro starting point in the same zone. Since the final helix form

attained by the Vastu acts in all the three dimensions, it can be

considered as an ascending helix for growth and energy

sustenance. This type of helical projections result in

reinforcing the life-preserving characteristics of the ‘Ida’

currents in the Northeast direction. In a way, Vastushastra

provides a naturally energising shield for the human body and

mind, that is in tune with the life-propagating properties of

double helix of the DNA molecule.