Modern Physics and Vastushastra

Human beings and their dwellings

in directly evident or in mystic ways are affected by the motion

of the earth, and the microscopic as well as the macroscopic

effects of the forces of gravitation and electromagnetism. Some

points to be considered are;

  • gravitation and

    geomagnetism are the two forces which have direct

    influence on the animate and inanimate objects on this


  • though there are attempts

    to incorporate short range force of repulsion in theory

    of relativity, gravitation is known to be a long range

    force of attraction and the magnetic effect involves

    forces of attraction as well as repulsion.

  • gravitational

    interactions, as per Einstein’s theory of relativity, can

    be interpreted in terms of space-time geometry.

  • space-time is womb of

    hidden and manifest events.

  • man has no control over

    time factor, but for harmonious relationship with the

    cosmos, he can alter the space he lives in.

Vastushastra defines and shapes

spaces for designing dwellings that are in harmony with nature,

and are beneficial to the mind and body of the persons occupying

these houses. ‘Dik-kal’ (dik=direction, kal=time) is the theme of

Vastushastra. Space-time is its reflection in modern physics.

Science has been part and parcel of Vastushastra analysis and