Nirvana, a tropical treasure trove carved in stone


Nirvana, the latest in the offering, promises to be a township par
excellence. What remains to be seen is whether the development can live
up to all expectations, writes Nandhini Sundar.

HOUSES reflecting traditional designs, apartments developed on a
particular theme, inspiration coming from different architecture,
exotic landscaping with wet and dry fountains, club houses built on the
lines of a spa, developments resembling a resort more than an apartment
complex. The list is endless. Each promising to be sophisticated and
better than the rest, with a never-ending set of facilities thrown in.

With awareness growing and consumers becoming increasingly
demanding, with competition becoming stiff, it is not surprising to see
this trend emerging with the probability of it tightening further as
the consumer starts demanding the impossible.

In this scenario, MetroCorp, together with Jurong Consultants,
proposes a development, Nirvana, coming up near the new international
airport. The development promises the aforementioned, meeting the
exacting demands of the discerning customer, and goes further by
offering this package in an exotic tropical setting.

The villas, styled on the lines of tropical architecture, offer
distinctive features such as a pitch roof to prevent excessive build up
of heat inside, large overhangs to diffuse sunlight, large openings
that give the illusion of interiors flowing into the outdoors, blending
with the landscapes and water bodies. The larger villas open on to
individual landscaped gardens housing water bodies.

“In tropical architecture the accent is on ventilation and not just
sloped roofs. Here, the houses come with high roofs to allow free
circulation of air. The water bodies help in the flow of cool air into
the house. The villas, especially the clubhouse, with their sloped
roof, reflect Balian architecture”, says Deepak Krishnappa, CEO,
MetroCorp. Each one of these sloped roof villas have been made Vaastu
compliant while sporting organic planning in the design of the

Says Rao Munukutla, CEO, Jurong Consultants, “Twin houses normally
are mirror reflections. To keep them Vaastu compliant, we have not gone
for a mirror image but simply replicated them.” In other words, the
rooms of the twin houses will be positioned identically. Vaastu sets
down rigid rules for compliance. “To make the houses blend with the
tropical free flowing design, some of these rigid rules have been
dispensed with.”

The development also promises to pack in unique features in the
area of common facilities, such as an international school,
professional house keeping agencies along with a creche, a clinic,
besides the now commonly offered facilities like a supermarket, ATM
etc. Adds Mr Krishnappa, “The professional house keeping agencies will
also provide domestic help as an add-on facility.” So as not to leave
environment related issues unattended, there would be a provision for
sewage treatment plants and rain water harvesting to conserve water.
The recycled water would be used for gardening and cleaning of common

The development is said to house parks and playgrounds that would
be functional and easy to maintain. About three acres of land have been
earmarked as plain lawns with very minimal landscaping and this would
be dispersed all over the area. These would act as free play areas for
children and open relaxation spaces for adults.

The development will also feature a resort that promises to offer
world-class facilities. The resort is to be developed and managed by
The Banyan Tree Resorts and Spa, the number one company, worldover, in
resort management. The resort would also offer nature-based health and
beauty therapies along with pool villas and jacuzzi villas.

The country club, to be spread over 40-acres, will be home to a
dozen state-of-the-art tennis courts, 10 badminton and squash courts,
three swimming pools, of which one would be a heated pool, two basket
ball courts besides jogging and cycling tracks and a 400 yard driving
range and putting greens. A 12 lane bowling alley is to be added on to
other facilities such as restaurants, conference rooms and business

Says Mr Krishnappa, “We hope to conduct some premium tennis tournaments here at Nirvana.”

But situated close to the new international airport, is it not too far away from the city?

“Commuting on a daily basis to the city from here right now will
not be practical. But once the airport becomes operational, there will
be malls, hotels and other commercial developments along with more
residential units. This will probably end up being the Gurgaon of
Bangalore”, Mr Krishnappa added confidently.

Whether Nirvana ends up as the next Gurgaon or not, the development
lends the promise of being one of the most relaxing and enjoyable
dwellings in the city.

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