Purging pollution

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pollutants waste and effluent are endangering humans, animals, and plant life
around the world. Evidently, in the coming years laws governing
pollution-causing industries will become more and more stringent and are likely
to be strictly enforced. Save our planet is the cry of all human beings and
eco-friendly solutions are much in

Interestingly, Vaastu also
offers practical solutions to solve the problems of such pollution.


Once the big industrial houses
are convinced that their investments in pollution control measures as per Vaastu
guidelines pays good dividends they will readily implement the pollution
prevention measures. Locating pollution control systems in the water zone, which
is northeast, north or eastern side, can profitably recycle the polluted water
released by any industrial unit. The purified water can be used for irrigation
by creating natural water ponds in north or east. The prosperity of an
industrial unit will be corresponding more if the water storage area is bigger
and deeper in these

This simple
principal of nature severs the industries and society eminently. The investments
in pollution control plant and equipment can be recovered easily in this way.
The earth removed in locating pollution control equipments should be totally
carried and dumped in southwest to strengthen it before starting the
construction actively in the project. This will facilitate completion of the
projects without problems.

factory had more open space on the west side at a lower level. This area was
earmarked for an orchard with the water released after purification. The
low-lying area on the west side with water proved to be fatal to this
manufacturing unit. Similar fate can follow if a unit has more open space on the
south side with water bodies. Entrepreneurs can avoid such mistakes by locating
the main building on the southwest and water purifying and utilizing activities
on the north and east. Yes there are times when this is not possible
that’s when remedies without structural chances are

Incineration of
waste material should be done in south-east quadrant of the site. Burning of
waste material in the southeast activate the cardinal element, fire and improves
the financial health of a unit. Boilers housed in large structures should be
located very close to the processing areas keeping the entire space on the east
open to the sky.

the depleting water levels all over the country, rainwater harvesting is getting
popular. If this is done in the northeast quadrant, it will not be an
eco-friendly measure but will boost the ground water level. Most importantly, it
will enrich the cash flow.

would not be wrong to mention that a water body in the northeast of any
manufacturing unit will have a strong influence in promoting cordial
relationship between the management and the workers plus amongst themselves.
Everything mentioned above is possible at the time of new construction but for
existing units very often it is realized that the water storage is not in the
right quadrant, if it is possible to relocate the water body or have an
additional one in the northeast do give it a serious consideration, in the event
that is proving to be too expensive there is no need to worry as effect of wrong
location of such features or incorrect placement of other equipments can now be
negated to a very large extent with the use of energy shields and reflectors

Another critical feature
found prevalent in most industrial units is the presence of very high
electromagnetic radiations, which is essentially due to poor electrical circuits
or the presence of HT wires hanging across the compound. Adequate care must be
taken to reduce their intensity as it can have far reaching consequences on the
health of the company as well as the employees.As a first step to wean off the
ill effect of such radiations please reinforce the earthing terminal of your
factory, use lead wire instead of copper or

writer is principal, Institute of Vaastu kala. He can be contacted at

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