Symmetry-Asymmetry and Vastushastra


things are often symmetrical in shape. But nature prefers

asymmetrical forms wherever aspects like preservation and

growth are involved.


rarely makes a perfectly regular crystal. In the language

of crystallography, there is usually at least one

dislocation, which is a necessary condition for growth at

low supersaturation. Asymmetry in nature is a catalyst

for propagation of life and evolution. Potential

difference is the essential condition for energy

transformations and current flow. Mathematics can take

shape only when the stable ‘zero’ goes asymmetric through

addition or subtraction of the uneven number ‘one’.


bahusyam prajajeya”, the Vedic thought reflects

concept of asymmetry. In the natural forms asymmetry of

energy always implies evolution of creative life.

Vastushastra principles reflect the essence of asymmetry.

In fact, it would not be out of place to visualise

ancient Vastushastra as a minute replication of nature

and energy in three-dimensional form using physically

available objects.


Vastushastra, analysis of asymmetry begins with the study

of geomagnetic axis. Since geomagnetic flux lines are

unidirectional (North-South), the asymmetric effects are

evident in other directions. Because the earth’s

rotational axis is inclined by 22.5 degrees to its plane

of revolution around the sun, all the earthly forms are

exposed to asymmetry. Asymmetry is also seen in

gravitational effect which is a function of interacting

masses and distance between in-between.


entire nature flows out of asymmetry and all the energy

forms, current-flows, and their actions are asymmetric in

nature. The key to creative utilisation of this asymmetry

lies in the nature itself. Helix is the most common

naturally available antidote to anomalies and destructive

effects resulting from energy imbalances.


nature, uniformity is evident in formation or

construction of dwellings suitable for a particular

species and serving a limited purpose of safety against

destructive natural forces.


sapiens, gifted with the power of thinking and ability to

imitate nature, learn from the nature and project their

creativity through construction of material objects.