Vaastu and Geopathy

The ancient science of Vaastu is based on realistic energy effects, be
it magnetic, radiation or sound waves. The concept of "negative" and "positive" energy being properly harnessed forms the basis of several ancient sciences
on the well being of man.

Environment, mental and physical health of the human being are closely related. Once this factor gained recognition, efforts were made to create a proper environment for the people.

This recognition gave birth to the science of Vaastu in India, the same concept led to the birth of Fengshui in China. In the western world, recognition led to the understanding and development of the science of geopathy. Geo means ‘earth’ and pathy means ‘disease’. The science of geopathy is, therefore, the study of the diseases of the earth. One interesting aspect of geopathy was that equal importance was given to both the structure and the radiation underneath the earth which are invisible.

Geopathy recognises electromagnetic radiation

Geopathy recognises that electromagnetic radiation which are cosmic in origin surrounds the globe. The geopathic scientists were of the view that radiation distortions were a natural phenomenon which could make a site unsafe for building anything over it. These distortions would result in a distorted energy field in a structure if the structure was near or over the distorted point. Geopathists put forth the theory that this could result in unhappy homes, sickness and lack of prosperity.

There are several factors that can contribute to geopathic stress. One is the underground streams which suddenly change course or meet with falls even if they are at great depths from the surface. Dr. Curry of Germany discovered electrically charged lines of natural origin flowing on northeast-southwest and southeast-northwest lines at approximately three metres apart forming a grid which is now known as ‘Curry grid’.

Sleeping over crossed junctions can cause organic diseases

Dr.Ernst Hartmann, another German scientist discovered charged lines crisscrossing on east-west and north-south directions and where two lines met they formed over each other, double positive or double negative junctions.
Extensive studies in this field have established that sleeping over these crossed junctions can cause organic diseases, including cancer.

Geopathy has made tremendous strides in the past few decades and today geopathic experts are routinely called to analyse ‘sick building syndromes’ when the effect is not due to adequate ventilation. Modern geopathy recognises several factors which could make a building ‘sick’. I want to mention a few of them just to show that vastu although evolved in a different part of the globe has much in common with geopathy.

Dampness can cause negative energy

An area which is consistently damp or smells of dampness without any apparent cause is an area of ‘negative energy’, according to geopathy. Vaastu also holds that one should not build a structure where there is dampness all the time.

Anthills carry negative energy

Vaastu advocates rejection of plots with anthills. Geopathy also concedes with this observation. Any place where ants build a home has negative grid points and are not advisable. As per geopathy, certain measures are to be taken to overcome the negative energy before considering a structure on the plot.

Beehives are not auspicious

Vaastu rejects plots having trees where beehives exist. Similarly according to Vaastu in an existing structure if bees try to form a hive it is considered an ill omen. Geopathy also states that bees favour negative energy field for building a hive and corrective measures to eliminate the negative fields are to be adopted if bees are spotted frequently or if they start working on a hive.

The above examples show that the ancient Indians were well aware of the negative energy fields which exist on plot and gave guidelines to recognise and avoid the effects of such fields.

Feel ill? Check the radiation below your house

Studies have shown that good health and Vaastu are closely related. It is an established fact that earth has a magnetic field. Some of the radiation from the earth is beneficial while some are hazardous. The harmful radiation is due to the presence of ores underneath, due to underground streams and due to rocks lying in parallel alignment.

An expert on Vaastu conducted a survey on a house where a strong negative current was giving out harmful radiation to the inmates. The inmates of the house were having breathing problems. The expert identified the problem to be due to the harmful radiation emanating from below the house.

It acts in your office too

As a form of experimentation, the person who was experiencing a breathing problem was asked to change the place he slept. Immediately, he felt some relief. The same holds good for office premises. The chair that you sit on has energy fields below it, affecting your performance.

When there were many instances of cancer in Germany, the German Central Committee of cancer research conducted a study and found that every person who had died of cancer had his or her bedroom exactly above a radiation point.

The studies, conducted in other countries also, were published in Earth Radiation, published in Britain.

It is interesting to note that gipsies never get cancer! Why? Because they are nomads, who can instinctively locate earth radiation. Exposing oneself to the earth’s radiation for a long period of time leads to cancer.

Just check out if you are staying in a radiation zone and are prone to problems due to that. If your answer to most of the following questions is YES then watch out you could be prone to cancer.

Are you feeling tired most of the day?

Do you find attending to the daily chores a problem?

Are you depressed?

Do you feel irritable most of the times?

Do you feel (if you are ill) that you are not responding well to medical

Do you find your child highly aggressive and hyperactive?

Do you get up in the morning with a tired feeling?

Do you frightening dreams, feeling of constricted breathing and night

Do you suffer from undiagnosed headaches?

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Do you have a back problem, which grows worse at night?

Do you get up in the morning feeling bruised all over?

Pregnant women beware!

Care should be taken that pregnant women do not sleep over such radiation zones, to ensure that the baby born does not have complications. It has also been proved that miscarriages are common in weeks after conception if the woman sleeps over a radiation zone.

If you are having problems moving into your new house, check when you moved in and find out when the problem started. If you have a cat, which loves to sleep on your bed, the indications are there is an R-zone underneath. On the same token, your pet dog will not sleep under some area of the cot, which is hit by earth radiation. Also, if you find too many ants in your apartment or house, if bees come to start a hive you should suspect a radiation distortion.

It has also been observed that the problem of the person afflicted will worsen on a full moon day, or when there is heavy rain.

Researchers have come out with electronic equipment which ensures a uniform spread of Schumann waves in the structure. One equipment can take care of about 1,500 sq ft area, adequate to meet the requirement of most houses. So if you cannot change your bed location then you can try installing a wave generator.