‘Vaastu must not be misinterpreted’


KATHMANDU, Oct. 24: In the present age of modernisation and the new
construction style of buildings and houses, the trend of consulting
Vaastu Shastri (consultant) have started for better health, wealth,
peace and prosperity.

Vaastu is a vedic architecture system based on five elements
earth, water, fire, air and sky and the balancing the five elements to
make a house auspicious, said Vaastu consultant Naresh Singal of Delhi,
who is here in Kathmandu to hold a week – ‘Free Vaastu Awareness

The Delhi-based Singal of Vedic Vaastu Vision would introduce
the scientific base of Vaastu, its relationship with astrology, its
implications in the present structure for flats, plots, shops and
factory, support children in their studies, getting relief from mental
tensions and stress, and its advantages in the human life.

At a press meet Singal said that Vaastu is only applied once
then maintenance are only conducted. “Vaastu must not be misinterpreted
for solving all the problems in life, its impact in life is only 20 per
cent the others are Work- 50 per cent and Fate/Destination – 30 per
cent,” said he.

He said that there are ten directions in Vaastu – North, East,
West, South, North-east, South-east, North-west, South-west, land and
sky, and knowledge about them was very necessary while constructing
houses and buildings. According to Singal, worship-places are preferred
in North-east and if that is not possible one should go for north or
east. For bedroom for the head of the family, South-west direction is
the best place and for kitchen South-east is preferred and toilet in
the south direction, he said.

He said that drawing room should be made in North-west
direction and pictures depicting wars, crime, sorrow should not be
placed there. Likewise, while sleeping, head should be towards south,
he said.