Vastu Energetics


Vastu Energetics

To achieve smooth flow of positive cosmic energy through a confined space is a prime consideration in Vastushastra. Directions decide the source and sink positions of energy stream. The layout of the Vastu (dwelling/house) must be planned in such a manner that there are no traps or hindrances and the energy streams follow their natural patterns.

Vastu Purush

The above figure of “Vastu Purush” ( a living soul associated with the Vastu or a dwelling) indicates the critical points which can serve as hindrances in natural positive energy flow in any households.

There are methods available in Vastushastra to remove the effects of obstacles impeding the smooth flow of energy.

Two-stream theory is a powerful tool in Vastushastra analysis to assess the nature of energy blockages and related solutions. Here, the constant North-South electromagnetic flux is termed as ‘Jaivik Urja’ and the variable solar energy flux as ‘Pranik Urja’. For ‘Jaivik Urja’ North direction is the source and South is the sink. For ‘Pranik Urja’ East direction is the source point and West is the sink. It must be remembered that sun transits from East to Southeast to South to Southwest to West during its daytime journey through sky. As such, the collage of energy patterns generated in a Vastu through a confluence of ‘Jaivik Urja’ and ‘Pranik Urja’ determines the qualities or virtues of a household from Vastushastra point of view.

On a larger canvas – gravitation, electromagnetic radiation, chemical energy, bio-energy, light, sound, vibrations, waves are all integrated into Vastu energy analysis.