Want a job? Get your handwriting right


The next time you apply for a job and are asked to submit a
handwritten resume, beware. Your prospective employer may not only be
interested in your professional pedigree, but also in what goes on in
your mind.

In recent months, an increasing number of corporates, banks and even
the police have been seeking the help of graphologists and signature
experts to judge prospective employees, clients or criminals,
particularly the white-collared ones.

Signature expert Manaklal Agarwal says that a person’s signature
mirrors his mind. “Every stroke, line, dots, dashes, curves, angle and
inclination in a signature speak volumes about the signatory,” Agarwal

After nearly 15 years of research and analysing over 8,000
signatures, Agarwal has identified as many as 470 properties based on
117 basic traits of signatures. “For instance, the letters g, j and y
can be written in 9,000 different styles; there are 900 ways in which
people underline their signatures,” he says. Letters convey different
meanings – g relates to libidinal properties, j speaks about
relationships and y is all about money, he adds.

Another leading graphologist Devendra Javerian goes a step further.
Apart from analysing personality traits, Javerian claims that it is
possible to even predict whether the person will be afflicted by
certain diseases. Javerian is a career counsellor, but with a
difference, to students of almost all Mumbai colleges.

“I analyse individual students’ handwriting to advise them on the
best career options. I say with some satisfaction that I may have erred
in my advice in only about 1% of cases,” he claims. Scores of letters
from students and college authorities bear testimony to Javerian’s

An area of specialisation for him is investigating frauds. A Hong
Kong-based company could detect an employee indulging in a massive
fraud after Javerian studied her handwriting samples. Lecturing at the
Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala Bankers’ Training College, he tells bank
executives how to detect potentially fraudulent customers with the help
of signatures and prevent bank scams.

Raj Deep Mishra, 37, has been studying and analysing signatures
since the age of 15. “I combine graphology with astrology and
vaastu-shastra and the results are amazing,” he says.

Having analysed nearly three lakh signatures, Mishra merely glances at one before decoding the candidate’s personality.

He has penned his rich experiences in a best-selling Hindi book
Hastakshar Bolte Hain. Constantly innovating, Mishra is now attempting
to associate graphology with mundane aspects like a person’s food
habits, shoes, facial reading and skin complexion, and use of ink and
the type of pen used by the signatory.